Osi Ejiofor

Osi Ejiofor

Osi Ejiofor is currently an Assistant Head Teacher of STEM in the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham and founder of Osi’s Tech Tips (@osistechtips). Within 13 year of experience in Primary education, he has taught and led in Computing and ICT for over 9 years across three London boroughs, developing the use of technology in each school.

He uses his experience in the use of technology in the classroom to provide professional training and is an event speaker, helping schools transform their use of the technology they already have.

Osi’s passion and enthusiasm for the use of technology to develop young minds is contagious and has impacted professionals, pupils, and parents that have attended his training sessions. His YouTube channel is aimed at providing people with simple tech tips to help them use features of their devices and software that are readily available and free. He continues to develop his knowledge and applies what he learns through his classroom practice, then trains people to repeat the process.

His passion is based on a vision to prepare pupils for their future, and give them the ability to create their own jobs through the transferable skills they acquire while learning with technology. Together we can bring our classrooms into the 21st century and prepare learners for their future.

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