Curiosity Box

Curiosity Box is the official project and primary objective of Flippedcript, which aims to develop and stimulate Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) skills through Art.

We create immersive learning for young minds (ages 5 – 20) through hands-on live sciences and physical computing activities that are curated from everyday objects around us, across all states of Nigeria and we do it in style.

Learning through empowers students to become innovators and thrive as entrepreneurs in the modern STEAM world. With over 1000 project activities, ranging from computational thinking to Digital making, everyone who participates in our hackathons will be a game changer because all activities are prepared to harness potentials and build the core skills that are needed for the future of work – such as; Creative thinking, problem-solving, personal productivity person, and collaboration.

These young people will have the chance to BRAINSTORM, DISCUSS IDEAS, PLAN ACTIONS and COMMUNICATE, not only with each other but with other Creatives around the world. This will also help to break down the psychological barriers we often build between people of different nations, cultures and religions – thus, giving them hope for the future.

Amazing prizes to be won at every event.

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